Stitching Project - Knitting Journal - Sandringham Country Park - May 2019

This year, 2019, I have decided to explore texture & colours in my knitting. I want to record this through a journal & be inspired by my home in the English countryside or places I have visited.

Knitting Journal 2019

I currently design doll knitting patterns, but I know there is more to knitting than just 'stocking stitch' & trying to make the perfect looking doll, which doesn't look as if it is hand knitted. I have spent time designing dolls, weaving colours in & out of the work to make pretty patterns, when actually if I had looked at different textures through knitting, I could create something more pleasing.
Sandringham Estate

My May project is based around a week visit in May 2019, to the Sandringham Estate, Norfolk, UK. My husband and I, plus our little dog, stayed on the estate with our caravan. Bella, our dog just loves walking around the country park, trying to find rabbits and squirrels. The leaves on the trees and the fern was only just starting to grow, but it is still a lovely place to relax and unwind during May.
Speckle Rib Stitch

Sandringham, is owned by HRH Queen Elizabeth II and has been in the family since 1862. The family traditionally spend Christmas at Sandringham.
Sandringham Estate - May 2019

In this piece of knitting, I wanted to incorporate the three dominant colours of the trees & fern, brown, green & orange. I decided on the 'Speckled Rib Stitch'. I think the combination of long stitches and bobble stitches, give the impression of the trees & the country park floor.

I have tried to use 3 main colours in the design

The colours I used were:
Kaleidoscope of the main photograph

I used the main photograph to make a kaleidoscope pattern, to depict the main colours needed for the project.

Speckled Rib Stitch

This year, I want to explore different textures, so used a 'Speckled Rib Stitch' in this project.
The stitches used in this stitch is:
- Knit
- Purl
- Yarn Forward & Back
- Slip 1

Sandringham Estate, Norfolk, UK

Edith Grace Designs on Love Crafts

Finished May 2019
Joanna Marshall - Edith Grace Designs

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