Stitching Project - Knitting Project - Hughenden Manor - March 2019

This year, 2019, I have decided to explore texture & colours in my knitting. I want to record this through a journal & be inspired by my home in the English countryside or places I have visited.

Hughenden Manor, Buckinghamshire

The walled gardens & Hughenden valley

I currently design doll knitting patterns, but I know there is more to knitting than just 'stocking stitch' & trying to make the perfect looking doll, which doesn't look as if it is hand knitted. I have spent time designing dolls, weaving colours in & out of the work to make pretty patterns, when actually if I had looked at different textures through knitting, I could create something more pleasing.

My March project is based around a day visit in May 2018 to Hughenden Manor. This is in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, about 45 minutes away from our home. My family & I explored the gardens, the house & sat for a while looking over the valley, with the church in clear sight. We had a wonderful day, taking lots of photographs & getting lots of inspiration for future craft projects.

I based the colours on the red brick mansion & walled garden flowers

Knot Stitch 

Hughenden Manor, is owned by The National Trust. It is described as a red brick Victorian mansion, which was owned in the 1800's by the Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield.

The colours I used were:

Hughenden Manor

I wanted to depict not just the red brick of the mansion & church, but also incorporate the flowers seen in the walled garden & over the valley.

This year, I want to explore different textures, so used a 'Knot Stitch'.
The stitches used in this stitch is:
Purl 2 Together
Slip Stitch
Hughenden Church

Hughenden Manor

Hughenden Manor
Hughenden Manor

Knitting Journal - March 2019

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Finished March 2019
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