Henry VIII Doll Knitting Pattern

Here is King Henry VIII, English Tudor King.

The doll is 13cms tall, knitted in Double Knitting Wool & Worked Flat.

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Henry VIII was an English Tudor King. He was born at Greenwich Palace, London on the 28th June 1491. He was the second son of Henry VII. When Henry's older brother Arthur died, Henry became king in 1509.

Henry had six wives:
Catherine of Aragon - Spanish - Divorced
Anne Boleyn - English - Beheaded
Jane Seymore - English - Died
Anne Cleeves - Flemish-Belgian - Divorced
Catherine Howard - English - Beheaded
Catherine Parr - English - Outlived Henry

Henry died, aged 55 years old, on 28th January 1547 at St. James's Palace, London.

My doll is only 13cms tall. His legs are worked in cream for the stockings. He wears an ivory jerkin, with a flared skirt knitted separately.

The Surcoat is a rich red colour, with lines of mustard knitted into the design to represent the gold detail in the portrait of Henry VIII.

The hat has a picot stitch used for the brim, with a garter stitch to represent the white feathers in the portrait.

This is a really quick and easy doll to knit.

I have based my design on the below picture:

Tudor Gentleman
Catherine of Aragon

Anne Boleyn

King Henry VIII

Picot stitch has been used in the hat's brim

The surcoat with lined with brown

The doll wears an ivory jerkin

The surcoat is a deep red colour

Tudor King

Garter stitch is used for decoration on the hat's brim

The doll has cream stockings

Mustard is knitted into the surcoat to represent gold decoration

3mm beads are knitted into this design

Beads are knitted into the jerkin

Beads are knitted into the sleeves

There are no legs with this doll, it is an easy knitting pattern

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Finished February 2017
Joanna Marshall - Edith Grace Designs