Stitching Projects - Knitting Journal - Chawton House - February 2019

This year, 2019, I have decided to explore texture & colours in my knitting. I want to record this through a journal & be inspired by my home in the English countryside or places I have visited.

Knitting Journal - February 2019 by Joanna Marshall
 I currently design doll knitting patterns, but I know there is more to knitting than just 'stocking stitch' & trying to make the perfect looking doll, which doesn't look as if it is hand knitted. I have spent time designing dolls, weaving colours in & out of the work to make pretty patterns, when actually if I had looked at different textures through knitting, I could create something more pleasing.
A view from Chawton House

Jane Austen Sampler

Photos and sampler side by side

I used colours captured in the photo

Garter Slip Stitch

Photographs from the window, at Chawton House

Chawton House, Hampshire, UK

A Kaleidoscope of the photograph used 
My February project is based around a summer break taken in August 2018. My family, myself & our little rescue dog took our caravan to stay in Winchester for a week. We took two days out of our holiday to visit 'The Jane Austen Museum' & 'Chawton House', in Chawton, Alton, Hampshire, UK. My daughter's & I love reading the Jane Austen novels. This was so exciting for all of us, except my husband, who went for a very long walk with our dog through Chawton woods, by all accounts they had an exciting couple of days too.
Stitching Project - February 2019

Whilst in 'Chawton House', which was owned by Edward Austen, we were told that it is thought Jane Austen sat by the window above and wrote her novels. With this in mind, I decided to take the colours from the view and design a sampler.

The colours I used were:
Forest Green
Sea Green
Tortilla Brown

I wanted the black colour to represent the window panes, green for the lawn & trees, brown for 'Chawton Church' & the stone driveway.

This year, I want to explore different textures, so used a 'Garter Slip Stitch'.
The stitches used in this stitch is:
Slip Stitch

This is a kaleidoscope image from the photograph taken of the window. I based my colours on this image

The Jane Austen Museum, Hampshire, UK - Website
Chawton House, Hampshire, UK - Website

Our little rescue dog, enjoying a walk around Chawton House
Edith Grace Designs Shop

Finished February 2019
Joanna Marshall - Edith Grace Designs

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