Jane Austen Doll - Pride & Prejudice Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy Doll Knitting Pattern

This is Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen's Classic Book - Pride & Prejudice. 

They are 20cms tall, knitted in Double Knitting Wool & Worked Flat. 

The legs, body & head are knitted all in one.

This pattern would suit a Beginner.

This pattern can be bought as a PDF Digital Download from - Etsy, Love Knitting, Makerist & Ravelry.

Jane Austen was an English novelist, born 1775 in Steventon, UK, she is known for her six major novels.

Sense & Sensibility - 1811
Pride and Prejudice - 1813
Mansfield Park - 1814
Emma - 1816
Northanger Abbey & Persuasion - published posthumously in 1818

Jane died, aged 41 years old in 1817 and is buried in Winchester Cathedral, UK.

Elizabeth Bennet wears a blue Empire Line Gown, the skirt is high waisted and fits under the bust. Elizabeth wears a shawl.

I have used Sirdar Softspun, a Luxury Soft DK wool for the dress. You can use a standard DK wool.

Elizabeth Bennet
Mr Darcy
Mr. Darcy wears a navy blue Dress Coat, cut to the waist to form coat tails at the back.

The trousers are in navy blue and his outfit is finished off with a Royal Blue Waistcoat.

I have used a standard DK wool for this doll.
Elizabeth wears a shawl

Mr Darcy in blue

Empire line dress

Georgian Outfit

Georgian Dolls

Regency Dress

Regency Gentleman

Regency Lady

Pride & Prejudice Dolls
Jane's Cottage, Chawton - August 2018
Copyright Joanna Marshall

In 1809 Jane moved to Chawton village, near Alton, Hampshire, to live in a large cottage with her sister and mother. This cottage was owned by her brother, Edward. It was part of his estate, Chawton House. The house is just a short walk from the cottage.

The Austen's are buried in the local church graveyard. Jane Austen is buried in Winchester Cathedral.

The cottage is now the 'Jane Austen Museum', and is a must for all Austen fans.
Jane Austen Museum - August 2018
Copyright Joanna Marshall

Jane Austen Museum - August 2018
Copyright Joanna Marshall

Chawton House, Near Alton, Hampshire - August 2018
Copyright Joanna Marshall

Chawton House, it is thought Jane may of wrote her novels here 
Copyright Joanna Marshall - 2018

A view from the alcove of Chawton Church
Copyright Joanna Marshall - 2018

Our rescue dog, enjoying the long walks and woods around Chawton 
Copyright Joanna Marshall - 2018

Chawton Church - Jane Austen
Copyright Joanna Marshall - 2018

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Finished January 2016
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