Lapland National Costume Knitted Peg Doll Knitting Pattern - 2016

This is a Knitted Peg Doll in a Lapland National Costume.

It is a knitted peg doll using a 12cms wooden peg, knitted in double knitting wool & Worked Flat.

This pattern would suit a Beginner.

This pattern can be bought as a PDF Digital Download from - Etsy, Love Crafts & Ravelry.


Lapland National Costume
Lapp costumes are very colourful, this peg doll wears a summer costume. The doll wears a blue tunic with colourful trim at the edge of the hem. The doll wears a red woollen bonnet, this is edged with lace for the summer. The doll wears a shawl and apron, which is also worn during the summer months.

This peg doll is very simple to make, it can be made in a couple of hours. Young knitters will find the pattern quick & easy to follow. The pattern would be suitable for a younger persons craft club.

The peg doll is safe enough to be used as a toy, no metal or pipe cleaners are used. It is just a 12cms wooden peg and wool! This peg doll fits beautifully into an old fashioned dolls house, or can be used in a display.

Lapp costumes are very colourful

The bonnet is edged with lace during the summer

The tunic hem has bright trims

An apron is worn during the summer

A cape is worn during the summer

Lapland National Costume

Finished July 2016
Joanna Marshall - Edith Grace Designs