Violet 1921 - A Lady's Maid Doll Knitting Pattern - 2014

 This is Violet - A Knitted Lady's Maid - 1921. She is 28cms tall, knitted in Double Knitting Wool & Worked Flat. The legs, body & head are knitted all in one.

This pattern would suit a Beginner.

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A Lady's Maid
The duties of a lady's maid was to wait upon the lady of the house. She would attend to dressing her,  apply her make-up, style her hair and put on her jewellery. A lady's maid would also sew, mend and alter her clothes. She would take breakfast to her room in the mornings and draw the lady a bath when required. A lady's maid would not be expected to clean, this would be left to other servants.

Great-Granny Jane Buchanan
This is a lovely photo of my Great-Granny Jane Buchanan. She is dressed in her maids outfit. It was taken around the 1920's, in Glasgow, Scotland. I have used this and other sources to design this doll.

Violet is dressed very plainly. She wears a black dress with a white collar.

Violet has a white apron with the top ties crossed at the back and the bottom ties make a neat bow at the back.

Violet wears her hair in a bow with a smart white head piece.

Violet wears a uniform that reflect this era

The skirt was full length during the 1920's

The apron is worked in Moss stitch

Violet from the 1920's

A Lady's Maid 

Hair was worn in a bun

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Finished February 2014
Joanna Marshall - Edith Grace Designs