Ancient Egyptian Knitted Peg Doll Knitting Pattern - 2016

This is a Knitted Peg Doll in an Ancient Egyptian Costume.

It is a knitted peg doll using a 12cms wooden peg, knitted in double knitting wool & Worked Flat.

This pattern would suit a Beginner.

This pattern can be bought as a PDF Digital Download from - Etsy, Love Crafts & Ravelry.


Ancient Egyptian Peg Doll
Linen was worn to keep cool
Linen was the most popular material used for Ancient Egyptian clothing. It was comfortable & kept the wearer cool, due to the desert heat.

Clothes were decorated with jewels, regardless of social standing. Those who could not afford jewels would use coloured stones or coloured pottery beads.

Women wore lots of jewellery - necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets & neck collars.

Egyptians did not wear shoes, they mostly went about their day bare footed. However, they did wear sandals on special occasions.

This peg doll is very simple to make, it can be made in a couple of hours. Young knitters will find the pattern quick & easy to follow. The pattern would be suitable for a younger persons craft club.

The peg doll is safe enough to be used as a toy, no metal or pipe cleaners are used. It is just a 12cms wooden peg and wool! This peg doll fits beautifully into an old fashioned dolls house, or can be used in a display.

I have used Hayfield Bonus DK.

Edith Grace Designs Shop

Finished June 2016
Joanna Marshall - Edith Grace Designs

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