Petunia - A Summer Doll Knitting Pattern - 2014

This is Petunia - A Summer Doll. Petunia is 34cms tall, knitted in Double Knitting Wool & Worked Flat. The legs, body & head are knitted all in one.

This pattern would suit a Beginner.

This pattern can be bought as a PDF Digital Download from - Etsy, Love Crafts & Ravelry.


Summer Rag Doll
Petunia's are flowering plants from South America. Petunia's are closely related to tabacco, cape gooseberries, tomatoes, deadly nightshades, potatoes & chilli peppers.

The name Petunia is taken from the word 'petun' from the Brazilian word meaning 'tabacco'.

The flower was discovered in the 17th century. Explorer James Tweedie sent samples to Glasgow Botanical Centre in 1831, which then made them popular with gardeners in Europe.

In Christianity, Petunia is a symbol of the 'Virgin Mary'. The flower is planted in gardens that are dedicated to the 'Mother of Christ'.

My Petunia is wearing a striped tee-shirt & shorts. These are detachable. Petunia is also wearing a detachable hat with a flower & bee button sewn on.

The edging is knitted in Picot stitch

Petunia wears a detachable hat

I have added buttons

Ready for the beach

The top is detachable

Knitted Rag Doll

Petunia - A Summer Doll

Four Seasons Rag Dolls

Edith Grace Designs Shop

Finished August 2014
Joanna Marshall - Edith Grace Designs

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